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  • Vijay Durai

Youtube Influencer Marketing — 7 Things you must know before contacting Youtubers for promotion.

What is Influencer marketing?

It is a strategy used by brands/businesses to promote/market their product by partnering with famous people on social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. An influencer usually has quite a large number of followers who are interested in listening to them. However, here, No audience of every influencer will be converting or using your product. So selecting the right influencer is more important.

A social media influencer is not as exact as a ‘celebrity’ influencer

It would be best to consider multiple factors to understand the significant difference between them.

Influencer marketing is the hay

Though after 2017, marketing techniques moved towards influencer promotions and sponsored promotions, March 2020 — covid lockdown just made this transition much faster. Brands had a restriction to sit inside their houses, and people’s usage of social media (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) increased rapidly. So to reach out to their audience, brands saw influencers as a powerful medium and spoke with their audience in a more connected manner.

As they got 2X more growth than traditional marketing techniques with faster ROI, who would want to stay with older tricks. Make the hay while the sun shines.

1. Find the Authentic Youtuber

The power of word of mouth is finding the right influencer for your niche and allowing their creativity in promoting your products. They know their audience much better than us. Let their originality reflect in their work. It shouldn’t feel fake. Most YouTubers are not celebrities; they are grown because of their content. Their subscribers follow them for their exciting information so try to promote your product without the ‘commercial’ element.

2. Influencer impact is important, not a sheer number

Influencer selection should not be based on followers but instead on the impact, they can create among the viewers. For example, people with small followers in a specific niche might be powerful influencers for your product. Check to discover Influencers from your place, language, and location.

E.g., A YouTuber might have 10l subscribers, but only 1l views are not as efficient as another person with 1l views with 1.2l subscribers. Though always looking for average rather than viral content of the single statement.

3. Know how to track analytics

Track response for your campaigns separately for each youtube influencer you hire. Understand their impact and predict how it will be in the future. Always keep a larger goal and move towards it by completing smaller goals.

E.g., For if brand awareness is your goal means and you know an influencer is the perfect choice to promote your product, keep a check on your site visitors and inquiries made through them.

Offering 'a specific coupon code’ for each youtube influencer will help track their conversion date more straightforwardly.

4. More numbers mean a more significant impact

let us assume you have contacted 5 YouTubers who are potentially good at promoting your product. Then it’s better to ask your partners to promote your product on the same day so that audience sees it more often in a day. The takeaway here is if you are planning to promote using multiple influencers, use them together and be as effective as possible. Collaboration videos tend to work much better than individual ones.

5. Optimize video for SEO

Yes! Youtube is the second largest search engine, only second to Google. As a top video influencing platform, it is crucial to optimize your video to make google understand the video. For example, ask the YouTuber to tag your brand and describe your brand. Alt text in an image is to be filled right because once the video is uploaded, it will stay there forever, and when people search in the future, Google will show this along with other results.

So along with the reviews about your brand on Google, when people see these videos, they trust in building more.

6. Giveaways and contests work well with influencers

Prepare a Database for every YouTuber you are trying to work with. Add every relevant data like their subscriptions, average views expected, costing, audiences majorly from, etc… Compare among them and ask for the best deal possible, E.g., Asking them to promote on youtube and other social media platforms.

Now you know how to choose your influencer, but do you know where to find them?

Finding multiple YouTubers and creating a database of every information you should know before contacting a YouTuber for promotion is a tedious process that consumes a lot of time — instead, Visit, which provides you with all the information needed. Compare and choose the YouTuber and the Ads type by which you want to promote your product in their upcoming video. Pickmyad guarantees your money and transfers it to the YouTuber only after the video gets published with your brand promotional content. To know more, refer to the link.


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