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How to set clear goals and objectives for an influencer marketing campaign?

In fact, 94% of users of influencer marketing think it works well. Influencer marketing is undoubtedly a useful endeavor for developing brands. But the approach brands take to their advertisements is in doubt. Brands frequently employ an unfocused, one-size-fits-all approach to their influencer marketing, but when KPIs are not prioritized, the results might vary and are frequently less than ideal.

You can't manage your influencer marketing efforts with a "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" mentality and expect long-lasting, reoccurring results. To maximize the effectiveness of your efforts, you need a clear approach. Additionally, concentration is crucial. The methods won't work as well if you implement a strategy that concentrates on too many objectives at once. People rarely take two actions during an interaction; therefore, they are unlikely to like or remark while also clicking to make a purchase. Because the outcomes of each influencer marketing campaign will vary, you must develop precise methods for every campaign and narrowly focus each one on a single goal.

Additionally, since your campaign goals will ultimately define your plan, you must first identify them in order to establish targeted strategies. Here at pickmyad you can get personalized advice for your influencer marketing campaign by helping you set goals and objectives from top influencer marketing specialists.

Goal 1: Brand Awareness

Don't concentrate solely on sales if you want to create some buzz and raise brand awareness (though that may be a welcomed byproduct.) Concentrate on tactics that will increase brand awareness and exposure. Additionally, now is not the time to push big promotions on new influencers because you might be contacting them for the first time and they might not be open to such a confrontational approach. Here are some effective influencer marketing techniques for building brand recognition.

  • Business mentions - Influencers can casually introduce your brand and do not have to sell you anything.

  • Influencers can display pictures of your products and provide reviews.

  • Encourage sharing - Influencers can utilize hashtags relevant to a brand to encourage sharing among their followers.

  • Contests - These contests will focus more on sharing incentives than specific products. Use hashtags unique to your brand here as well.

Goal 2: Boost social media engagement and following

You will naturally gain more followers and engagement by putting brand awareness techniques into practice, and vice versa. Therefore, these two approaches are interchangeable. The more you can interact with an influencer's followers, the more exposure and word-of-mouth referrals you will produce. Focus first on the social media platform you want to use to promote your initiatives. Then, choose influencers that are a perfect fit for your company and who will provide the maximum ROI, and collaborate with them. Next, put into practice certain tactics that can help you achieve your goal, such as:

  • Takeovers by influencers: Permit an influencer to manage your account for a short while.

  • Specifically targeted shoutouts: Mention your profile on the social network you aim for.

  • Invitations - If you own a location-based business, invite social media influencers to visit your location and document the experience.

  • Engage bloggers to develop original uses for your products.

Goal 3: Produce leads and sales

Giving an influencer a few product shoutouts won't be sufficient to boost sales and generate ROI. If you want to increase the profitability of your campaigns and create excitement around your products and solutions, concentrate on sales-driven techniques. The following are some influencer marketing tactics that boost sales:

  • Custom discount codes: Make exclusive deals available to an influencer's audience.

  • Product-specific competitions - Unique Design contests for an influencer's audience

  • Special discounts and promotions – launch specials for the season or before launches

  • Advertising videos

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