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  • Vijay Durai

Top food Influencers & bloggers from Tamil Nadu, India.

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

The cuisines of India, unlike that of any other country, are a diverse assemblage of culinary inspirations and traditions from across the seven continents. While India is definitely a food-loving country, each region has its own unique cuisine. The barriers between the availability of different cuisines across every city started diminishing rapidly after 2010, with the restaurant industry growing at a pace of 20%+ CAGR in India.

Indians love food and exploring tastes. In 2022, that metropolitan cities & cosmopolitan cities will be filled with restaurants of all tastes; now, we have quick-serving restaurants (QSRs), cloud kitchens, fine dining, traditional ones, and special cuisines, to mention a few.

Now how to spot the best tastes amid the copious restaurants? Straight outta common sense, Influencers! Yes, they are the best source of information we could have in the contemporary. So many times, their YouTube shorts gave me hunger chills for real!

We have curated the list of our favorites, not based on any rank; these are just our observations on the best blogger you could follow on social media. The bloggers here are based in Tamil Nadu, and as we understand people who need to follow them should be somewhere near them. In addition, we have curated the list of food Influencers from other states here — check them out!

Here lets us see the Top food Influencers/bloggers from Tamil Nadu.

1. Irfan’s View

If you are exploring restaurants on the popular social media YouTube from Tamil Nadu and around, then there is a sure shot you would have come across a curly-haired man stuffing his mouth with all delicious foods from small road shops to 7-star hotels. Mohammed Irfan is a Chennai-based YouTuber now made a brand name for himself. He is, without a doubt, the finest pioneer in Tamil Nadu for food discovery vlogging.

2. Dan Jr Vlogs

His journey from an IT professional to a full-time Youtuber started with his love of food. Mr. Daniel Jain Raj, AKA DAN JR Vlogs has built a trustworthy fan following for his food and lifestyle vlogs. Well over 50000+ views in a single day of upload are just a metaphorical way to show his hardcore followers. He is an ideal candidate to promote a brand based on foods, restaurants, and mass-consumer items. Looks for his available slots and book him for promotion instantly here!

3. Peppa foodie

He goes by the Peppa foodie, his real name is Vignesh, who does fully explore foods from all the streets of Chennai. In 2019 he planned to start a channel, and now one plus million subscribers on YouTube shows his dedication and persistence. Find more about him here

4. Idris Explores

Tamil Vlogger based in Singapore and Chennai — Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Culture, and More! A lifestyle vlogger tends to do more videos on foods & hotels. To our happiness, Peppa foodie and Idris are friends! Yes, they make duo videos to present more sweet videos. This cross-country man has a charming way of explaining the way the food tastes, do check out more about him here.

5. Ram Kannan

Ram Kannan, a hardcore biriyani boy, loves it so much that he is sometimes called as “biriyani Kannan.” Everyone agrees on the fact that Chennai is known for its varieties of biryani. This influencer literally covered every biriyani spot in Chennai, and now the journey moves to street foods vlogs. His vivacious, cheerful presentation, complete with extensive taste ratings delivered in his typical Chennai accent, is guaranteed to wow. Find more here!

6. The way

Food imparmation (Chennai), Trichy Foodie, That smoky thing, Banana Leaf unlimited, and the list is never-ending and it goes on. To find the list of all food influencers in one place, visit PickMyAd. The good part is that you can use filters to differentiate and segregate according to the language and place.


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