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Top 10 cooking influencers in TamilNadu (updated 2023)

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Before we start, this is validated upon factors on how effective they can promote a brand, and that is why channels like Village cooking channels are not on the list (they won't promote brands)

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The top successful cooking influencers as curated by our experts are below

Chef dheena’s kitchen

Chef Deena Dhayalan, famous for the show Adupankarai on Jaya Tv and Anjaraipetti on Zee Tv, is now on YouTube as Chef Deena Kitchen (CDK), cooking traditional foods by visiting traditional places. He has a following of over 1.75 million subscribers, making him the No. 1 cooking influencer at PickmyAd.

ASK Tamil

Saira Ashiq from vriddhachalam runs the channel ASK TAMIL. This channel is all about lifestyle, cooking recipes, and tips in various categories such as beauty, health, household, and homemade products. ASK Tamil is most famous for its short video reaching over 937K subscribers on YouTube.

Tamil food corner

This channel is well known for its cooking recipes and blogs in Tamil. From snack-sized food to full-course meals, we can find all Tamil Nadu cuisine recipes here. Tamil food corner has a following of 712K subscribers on YouTube

Chennai food

Chennai food is famed for the great cooking recipe videos they make in Tamil, especially lunch box meals for working people and kids who go to school easily and quickly. Chennai Food has over 648K subscribers on YouTube.

Ruchi Paakaashale

Shuba Sharon, Admin of this channel, is a housewife and a cook who loves to cook new, modern recipes and traditional and village-style ones. Her motto is to make cooking easy for everyone. Ruchi Paakaashale is a channel for Kannada-speaking people with English subtitles. She has gained over 594K subscribers on YouTube.

Mr. Suncity Vlog

Mr. Suncity Vlog is famous for his quirky and funny videos of trying out new and weird recipes. He has gathered over 523K subscribers by creating content with gadgets, tech, and cooking videos.

World food tube

This channel is formed by two friends who cook together worldwide in enormous quantities for orphan kids to eat. Their motto is to share food with love and care and put a smile on helpless people. They have a following of more than 517K subscribers.

Buds to bloom

Buds to bloom channel aim to teach many useful things to make your daily life easier and save time with simple cooking recipes in under 5 mins and household tips. They have gathered a following of around 491K subscribers.

Attamma TV

Vijaya Lakshmi is this channel's admin and dubbing artist/cook. She’s famed for her cooking videos in Andhra cuisine in Telugu and has gathered a following of over 424K subscribers.

Ayyanar kitchen

Ayyanar Kitchen was created by a married couple where they show traditional cooking practices along with spiritual insights within. They excelled for their no garlic and no onion dishes recipe and have gained over 196K subscribers on YouTube.

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