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  • Vijay Durai

How to Design Perfect preroll banner ads for your Influencer YouTuber promotion

Haven't heard of Preroll shoutout ads by Influencers; odds are you have come across a few while surfing through youtube channels.

Brand's poster will be displayed at the intro of the video with a voice over and If the brand does not offer a voice-over, the influencer may be required to do so. This is known as a preroll shoutout ad. Here's an example:


Sometimes, Pre-roll ads can feel like a digital obstacle for the audiences. However, brands have a significant impact on brand recognition and ad recall.

The critical part of being noted is that Advertisement content, design and materials will be provided by the brand or advertisers, which is understandable.

Preroll shoutout ads

The brand's banner will be displayed at the intro of the video with a voice over and If the brand does not offer a voice-over, the influencer may be required to do so.

With these facts, let's see how to design a perfect preroll banner for your ad promotions [with examples]

1. Use the most effective, standard banner size

For all the standard videos, the size would be 1920 X 1080 px specifying width and height, respectively. Since there are many video sizes, always better to ask the influencer for the size he uses.

2. Maintain hierarchy

Brand ad banner relies upon the right balance for brand elements. Banner advertisements that work are intended to raise brand recognition and attract visitors to your website. They are made up of three fundamental elements.

Company logo

We all know why we require a logo for every firm. Keeping the logo visually dominant but not as dominant as the value proposition or call to action is vital.

Value Proposition

The value proposition highlights the service/product you offer and draws attention to it through appealing offers and prices. Consider phrases like "high quality," "50% discount," or "limited-time deal." This should take up the most room in your advertisement and be the first thing readers see.

Call to Action

The phrase or button that urges visitors to click is known as a call to action (or CTA). "Learn more," "Get started," and "Watch Now" are all excellent examples. This should be the main focus of the advertisement.

Instantly readable text

Make your header and body content varied size to make your material readily readable. All copies should be four lines or less. Do not use cursive or hard-to-read fonts.

3. Maintain it Minimal

Keep the text and aesthetics as minimal as possible. Viewers will probably glance at your preroll ad, so convey a straight word.

4. Make good use of Images & Visuals

Select images and photographs that complement your messaging while also closely linked to your goods. There are no abstract notions to be found here.

Don't have the funds to hire a professional photographer or a supermodel? Purchase a low-cost stock picture license. There are millions of excellent ones available. In addition, there are many designer tools like Canva, which don't need pre-skill sets to use effectively.

Remember that including graphics in your banner advertising isn't always essential. Effective outcomes may be achieved with both killer writing and excellent typography.

5. Keep it consistent

In the end, we all want the customers to visit our site, so it's always better to maintain the same colour and visuals on landing pages & socials.

6. Instill a visual urgency

Last but not least, Use contrasting, bright colours to give the text a feeling of visual urgency. Advertisements on banners aren't necessarily designed to be subtle.

You're ready to design better ad banners!

That concludes the discussion. These are only some banner ad design principles; creating genuinely outstanding, high-performing advertising requires a lot more. Consider hiring a great creative to develop the ideal, clickable advertising specifically for you if you're not a professional designer (or too busy operating a business).


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