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10 Proven tips to promote your YouTube Channel

YouTube is just not a platform for makeup and gaming videos. In fact, it's a really effective marketing tool for businesses and people in a variety of different sectors. In fact, compared to Facebook and Instagram, 78% of marketers claim that YouTube is the most successful medium for video marketing. That's a remarkable statistic that's challenging to dismiss in a time when video content dominates the internet!

In addition to having over two billion monthly visitors, YouTube also boasts highly engaged viewers who spend an average of 11.50 minutes per day on the site. Furthermore, these viewers are actually open to making purchases from companies; 90% of consumers have found new brands on the platform.

Additionally, video material is typically much more interesting than static photos and enables content producers to communicate with their audience more directly. By doing this, you may increase the crucial like, trust, and know factors with potential customers. Additionally, YouTube is highly adaptable. There are so many other forms you may utilize to engage and inform your audience, including instructional videos, interview series, and casual Q+As.

Spend time on the YouTube SEO

Every day, users search YouTube for information, entertainment, and solutions to their issues. As a result, YouTube SEO requires time investment if you want your channel to succeed. Prior to optimizing your content for those keywords, conduct keyword research to learn what your audience wants.

Concentrate on video descriptions

YouTube can better grasp your video's context with the help of the video description, which promotes higher rankings. Make sure each video has a description written for it. Even if the description doesn't have to be particularly extensive, aim for at least 250 words. The first 25 words should contain your primary keyword. Use no more than 3–4 keywords in the description to avoid keyword stuffing. What the viewers can expect from the video should be explained in the description of the film. Consider it a succinct summary of the video's subject. It's a good idea to include a timestamp if your video is lengthy or covers numerous topics.

Use interesting titles

If we stated that titles have the ability to make or destroy your video, we wouldn't be exaggerating. The quality of your content and how well you display it will determine your level of success on YouTube, and one of the most important aspects of that presentation is the video title. One of the first things visitors notice when they locate your content is your video title; if it isn't compelling enough, viewers will go on to the next one. It must be as direct as possible because of this.

Utilize your other channels to cross-promote

Posting videos on your active social media accounts, like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, can be an effective method to advertise your channel. Your social media fans will undoubtedly find your channel and interact with your videos since they are already interested in what you have to offer.

Make Use of Playlist Power

Making playlists is another approach to increasing views while also optimizing your channel. Playlists can be compared to collections of related videos where the following video starts playing after the previous one has been completed. Benefits of playlists:

· Make it simpler to navigate your channel.

· assist you in increasing views

· Boost accessibility

Conduct competitions and giveaways

One of the most engaging and dynamic methods to involve your followers is through YouTube contests. A successful contest can drive traffic to your YouTube channel, grow your subscriber base, and improve engagement.

Work Together With Other Creators

Collaborating with other producers is a fantastic approach to growing a community and promoting your YouTube channel. Start by looking for YouTubers or businesses that cater to comparable demographics. Leave comments on their videos, and if you can, make a similar video yourself! You will have access to their viewers through this, who are quite likely to follow your channel in the future.

Find out what your audience wants to see.

Asking them is a great method to engage them and make sure you're producing stuff they'll enjoy! Asking people to make a comment on the kind of videos they would like to see is all it takes to do this in a video. Ask them about the subject of the next video in your video series. You may also solicit ideas and even conduct polls in your active social media community!

Make unique thumbnails

Perhaps even more important than titles are thumbnails. We notice pictures first because it's just how our brains are wired. One MIT study found that we process them in less than 13 milliseconds. All videos on YouTube have automatically generated thumbnails, however, they may be hazy or out of focus. Make a captivating unique thumbnail for each video you post to increase views.

Seasonal content creation

For those who make videos, the holidays may be a tremendous source of inspiration. YouTube is used by people for a variety of purposes. So, one wonderful strategy to show up in the YouTube search and get views is to be aware of what your audience could require for particular holidays. Examine the calendar, highlight the days or seasons you want to discuss, and explore possible themes.


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