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Stand-up comedians In India

The Indian stand-up comedy industry has experienced a spectacular rise over the last ten years. Prior to that, a comedy performer could only be seen in films as the protagonist's friend or helper, which was guaranteed to produce a few chuckles. Vivek, Vadivel, Santhanam, and more well-known comics. But today, stand-up comedy is producing legends. Stand-up comedy is becoming a profitable and prosperous career option because of the performers' enormous and impressive fan following.

A completely new generation of comedians has developed as a result of YouTube's growing popularity. These stand-up comedians' popularity stems from their capacity to engage their audience with their distinctive content. Some of the well-known stand-up comedians are:

Kenny Sebastian

Kenny Sebastian, 31, gained fame through his #KennySingForMe YouTube channel, which features recordings of his stand-up performances and songs that he created from tweets. He is one of the most popular stand-up comedians on various social media sites and streaming services, and he performs primarily in English while occasionally utilizing Hindi for comedic effects.

Kenny Sebastian

Kanan Gill

Kanan Gill abandoned his profession as a software engineer after winning the Punchline Bangalore competition, and he went on to become well-known for his humorous reviews of Hindi movies as part of Pretentious Movie Reviews alongside Biswa Kalyan Rath. Additionally, he contributed to the sketch comedy program "The Living Room," as well as the Netflix originals "Yours Sincerely" and "Keep It Real"

Vir Das

Vir Das, one of India's first stand-up comedians, is also a musician and an actress. Over 35 plays, 100 stand-up comedy performances, more than 15 movies, and six comedy specials have all been performed by him. Vir is a prominent comic writer who has contributed to Tehelka, DNA, Femina, and Maxim. His stand-ups, particularly Indians are Homophobic and Indians who are Racist-ish, are must-watches because of his brutally honest comedy.


Prior to starting his comic career, Abish worked as a radio jockey. His comic discussion shows Son of Abish and Journey of a Joke are well-known. This Comicstaan host also made his "Whoop" Amazon Prime video special available.

Abhishek upamanyu

The USP of Upamanyu is his dependability. He is a Delhi native who has relocated to Mumbai to pursue stand-up comedy. With the use of amusing analogies and stern poker faces, he is able to illustrate the realities of traveling and living in two different cities thanks to his combination of residences. Since he studied chemical engineering, many of his jokes make our large population of Indian engineers laugh. He discusses relatable subjects like breakups, honoring elders, and discrimination in India, making it both humorous and enlightening at the same time.

Karthik Kumar

Stand-up humor The longest-running comedy group in the nation, Evam Stand Up Tamasha, which is situated in Chennai, was created by Karthik Kumar. He continues to tour and provide comedy performances all over the world. His comedy specials Poke Me and Blood Chutney were some of the first stand-up comedy specials on Amazon Prime Video. He is one of the most well-known stand-up comedians from South India.

Aravind SA

One of the best-selling South Indian comedians, Aravind SA performs to a largely Tamil audience in countries including India, Singapore, Malaysia, the USA, and Australia. He became the leading voice on Hindi imposition, being South Indian, and having pride in Chennai and Tamil Nadu thanks to his comedy programs "I Was Not Ready DA" and "Madrasi Da." It has therefore performed exceptionally well for his videos and his comedic career.

Alexander Babu

Alex, a musical comedian, and gifted vocalist have released his most recent Alex Prime Comedy special, titled Alex in Wonderland, and wow, it was highly welcomed. Alex combines many facets of pop culture, his family life, and the melodic undertones of Tamil movies. This results in a very exciting performance, which typically enthralls South Indian audiences. It will be interesting to see what is ahead for Alex, who sells like anything internationally.

Sai Kiran

The audience is king, which is one of the wonderful things about comedy, especially in India. The queen is consistent. Saikiran is one such name who, to our knowledge, has impressed viewers with just one video. Sai appears to be a highly wise and deft comedian who speaks Telugu and English. Suppose you had one video with 180,000 subscribers! Right now, our comedy scene is wild!


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