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Mark Zuckerberg announces Meta verified paid subscription

Facebook's parent firm Meta Platforms Inc. is introducing Meta Verified, a membership service with a number of extra benefits and features, including account verification badges for those who pay. The new membership, which is largely geared towards content producers, will cost $11.99 per month (991.60 INR) ($14.99 (1239.70 INR)( if paid through the iOS app). The subscription includes "proactive account protection, access to account assistance, and greater visibility and reaches," according to a Meta spokeswoman in an email. It also comes with a verification badge.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement of the new product via his Instagram Channel, a recently launched service. Both Facebook and Instagram will have the option, but they will require separate subscriptions. The head of Meta claimed that users of Instagram and Facebook may pay a monthly subscription to receive a blue verification badge, additional security against accounts impersonating them, and improved visibility. According to the business, creators who use Meta Confirmed will also benefit from "improved visibility and reach" in search results and recommendation systems. According to the company, Meta will use a user's government ID to confirm ownership of an account.

The perks of being a subscriber can be access to exclusive stickers, and the eligibility to achieve the verified account is at least the age of 18 or above. According to Meta, the product will be available in the United States and other nations in the upcoming months after releasing this week in Australia and New Zealand.

So the million-dollar question here is why is Meta the latest social media site to introduce a paid subscription option?

In the past year, Meta's revenue fell for the first time in its fifteen-year history. Since its ad business encounters difficulties, Meta is attempting to diversify its source of income. Also late to the celebration. The majority of the main platforms have now introduced premium subscriptions in an effort to acquire better ARPU, at least for their most engaged users. Examples include YouTube Premium, Twitter Blue, Snapchat+, Discord Nitro, and Reddit Premium.

Few intriguing takeaways from the Meta Verified launch

  • Unlike Twitter Blue, Meta won't remove or change an account's verified status if it has already been verified for notability.

  • Although a schedule for other regions has not yet been disclosed, the initial rollout is now taking place in NZ and AU. While the majority of other platforms have tested their subscription programs in the US, Meta plans to start with a smaller area.

  • The increase in pay-to-play on social media platforms is disappointing. Paying for a verified user badge, which already carries a valued sort of social proof, is one thing; giving paid users content preference in discovery channels like the Explore tab, however, is quite another.

  • However, this feature might be more useful for SEOs and make digital marketing more efficient by broadening their resources.

So, that’s our view on the new take on social media as a renowned influencer marketing platform. We would love to know your thoughts on this. Feel free to reach us for any needs on influencer marketing, we have creator partners across socials and geographies.


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