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Documents you need for KYC verification

The process of KYC verification and completion is what makes a brand legit at Pickmyad. Only when a brand completes this process can we trust them as an entity; it makes us gain more trust in your organization, and the last thing any company would want is to waste their time on frauds and fakes. Once the KYC verification is done, the pricing of the influencers is visible. This process can be completed in two ways:


You can enter the GSTIN number of your company and immediately get an OTP number verification through an SMS to your phone number. This way, you can instantly complete the KYC process and get your company verified.


If your organization does not hold a GSTIN number, you can do the process of KYC verification manually. This includes the submission of documents such as the Company cancelled Cheque / Bank Statement / Registration Certificate (anyone), Company Pan & Signatory Pan (both), and GSTIN certificate (if registered).


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