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Apps and tools used by Indian Instagrammers

Instagram has created enormous chances for businesses to find new clients and increase the visibility of their products thanks to its more than one billion monthly active users. Although strategies like running Instagram ads and contacting influencers are successful, it can be challenging to achieve your goals without the proper tools.


Picsart is a basic editing app almost used by every content creator on Instagram. The specialty of this app is that both photos and videos can be edited. The features of this app are very easy to use and even a 13-year-old can easily edit and work on this app.


It is possibly the best-known image editing app in the world today, with a huge user base that goes from professionals to casual users. Because it has so many advanced features, it is perfect for influencers who want to improve the quality of their content. This ends up making the software heavier and more expensive than most. Still, it is quite difficult to find something of this quality at a lower price today.


Another photo-editing program that gives you the ability to enhance your photographs. While Instagram's basic filters change the entire image at once, Snapseed's brush-applied effects allow you to fine-tune each photo's specific details. Another fantastic feature of Snapseed is Stacks, which enables you to save collections of filters as a template. Future photos can then have these Stacks applied, giving your feed a unified aesthetic and saving you time.


Your smartphone images can be elevated to a whole new level with VSCO's in-depth editing suite and a variety of high-quality preset effects. The premium subscription also offers access to a vast collection of filters, providing you with countless options for personalizing your images and setting them apart from the competition.


Lightroom is a tool particularly focused on photographers. As a result, you won't notice any features that completely alter the image. Instead of adding or removing elements, Lightroom is used to make specific modifications to an image that already exists. As a result, you can focus more on variations, in contrast, brightness, saturation, etc.


To elevate your articles and grab your followers' attention, you can use predesigned images, multiple image layouts, and text superimposition.

It helps you generate Instagram Stories that stand out in particular, and if you use a few standard image formats and typefaces, you can start to ensure that your followers always recognize your content.

Viva video editor

It’s most commonly used to elevate videos by adding different and creative filters to take videos to the next level. Also with easily accessible and feasible settings video editing has never been easier


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