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Case Study 

Learn Systech's Student Intake Soars with PickMyAd's Influencer Marketing Strategies

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Brand overview

Systech is a leading Training Development and Placement company in Trichy and Coimbatore.

They are renowned for their hands-on teaching methods that give students access to cutting-edge competing technology.

Employees from MNCs provide training to give students real-world company exposure.

Helped students and professionals launch and change their careers by providing in-depth, practical training with on-the-job assignments from top IT businesses.


Client's Objective

  • For influencer marketing, Systech made the decision to team up with Pickmyad in order to boost brand recognition and ROI.

  • Systech became a successful business onboarded with us because of Pickmyad's assistance with all of its influencer marketing efforts and the specialized advice they received from our leading authorities.

Strategies Followed

  • Target audience – use of influencers in categories such as gadgets, tech, infotainment, and lifestyle.


Guess what! The results are stunning

The results were in Flying colours!

This campaign was a huge success in terms of increasing student enrollment.  The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of the institute's training programmes and encourage more students to enrol. The collaboration has proven to be successful and results were in flying colours! 


Total No of Impressions


Total No of Influencers 


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