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Empowering Students: StuCred's Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign with PickMyAd

Case Study 

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Brand overview

StuCred is a secure digital platform offering short-term loans to empower and educate the student community in India. Its main objective was to provide loans for college students over 18, who are generally in need of money the most but are not considered for loans because of their zero income. They offer loans at very low interest rate.

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Client's Objective

  • Stucred decided to join hands with pickmyad for influencer marketing, and gain more brand Trust 

  • They also look to educate student about financial planning and good credits 

  • Pickmyad planned to look after stucred with their monthly influencer marketing campaign which started around June 2022.

  • We gave them individualised advice from leading experts throughout their influencer marketing campaign, making them one of our most prosperous brands to work with.

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Strategies Followed

  • Use of teenage influencers : Since stucred is an app for college students, we hired influencers in the age of 18 – 25 (youngsters) to advertise for a better success

  • Target audience – use of influencers in categories such as gadgets, tech, infotainment, and lifestyle.

Brands couldn't ask for better results than this 👇

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The results were in stunning! 

Students were readily understanding the App concept and specifically the safest loan feature it gives to them. The collaboration has proven to be successful and results were in flying colours! 


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