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Case Study 

Unveiling Shortfundly's Success with Influencer Marketing

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Brand overview

Shortfundly is a cutting-edge OTT platform that specializes in short films, documentaries, web series, and other digital content. It is a unique platform that brings together aspiring and established filmmakers, storytellers, and video creators under one roof. With a user-friendly interface and a vast library of diverse content, Shortfundly aims to promote creativity and provide a global stage for content creators to showcase their talent

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Client's Objective

  • Branding: Shortfundly aimed to expand its brand presence within the filmmaking community and attract a larger audience to its platform. 

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Elevate Shortfundly's recognition in the film industry, making it a go-to platform for filmmakers and enthusiasts.

  • Increased User Participation: Encourage more individuals to actively participate by submitting their short films and engaging with existing content.

  • Viral Video Sharing: Foster a culture of sharing among users, encouraging them to spread their creations across the platform and social media.

Strategies Followed

  • Influencer Selection: Picked film-focused influencers with engaged followers.

  • Collaborative Content: Created joint content showcasing platform benefits.

  • Exclusive Previews: Gave influencers early film access to teaser content.

  • Interactive Challenges: Held challenges for influencer and follower film submissions.

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Shared filmmaking insights via influencers.


Brands couldn't ask for better results than this 👇

The results were amazing beyond belief!

By strategically partnering with influencers in the filmmaking and content creation space, Shortfundly successfully increased its user base, engagement, and brand visibility. The authenticity and relatability conveyed through influencer-generated content played a crucial role in achieving these outcomes.

The collaboration has proven to be successful and the results were in flying colours!


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