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Case Study 

Leveraging influencer marketing to increase the sales and create Brand awareness for Podini daires

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Brand overview

Podhini dairies is a dairy production company, their goal is to provide consumers with quality milk products, such as Podhini Ghee and Butter, in order to improve their health and immunity. A dedicated ONLINE GHEE STORE has been launched by Podhini dairy products. With the aid of a safe and secure payment network, they encourage customers to take advantage of this chance to pick up the product whenever they like.

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Client's Objective

  • Pickmyad and Podhini Diaries made the decision to work together. for influencer marketing, and to boost their brand recognition and return on investment.

  • Podhini dairy was a successful brand that Pickmyad onboarded because we helped them with all of their influencer marketing initiatives and gave them personalized advice from industry leaders

Strategies Followed

  • Target audience – use of influencers in categories such as food, cooking, infotainment, and lifestyle

  • Higher reach – employ influencers with high followers and subscribers along with a higher engagement rate.

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Brands couldn't ask for better results than this 👇

The results were in stunning! 

Our most recent influencer marketing campaign for Podhini Daires was a great success, reaching our target audience and greatly increasing brand awareness.  The collaboration has proven to be successful and the results were in flying colours! 


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