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Beauty Meets Expertise: Niram's Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign with PickMyAd

Case Study 


Brand overview

Niram is an e-commerce app where people can buy all varieties of beauty

and cosmetic products at their fingertips. With over 500+ brands, more than 1+lakh products and delivery across India. Niram is a one stop destination for all cosmetics, health, and beauty products.

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Niram case study.png

Client's Objective

  • Niram made a decision to collaborate with PickMyAd for influencer marketing with goal to gain more brand recognition.

  • They also look a way to increase convertible web traffic throughout their influencer campaign.

  • We provided them personalized recommendations from top experts, making it one of our most successful brands onboarded with us.

Niramcase study.png

Strategies Followed

  • As a matter fact, people follow make up artists for understanding deep about cosmetic product usage.

  • So the campaign was started with Influencers who are an expertise in cosmetics industry rather than regular artist and actress. This has proven to be a successful!

  • Influencers who teach more on Cosmetic usage to their followers were also part of this winning campaign. 

Guess what! The results were welcoming with desired results.

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The Welcoming results!

People were readily understanding the App concept and specifically the support feature it gives to local vendors around them. The collaboration has proven to be successful and results were in flying colours! 


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