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Case Study 

How Pickmyad helped Milaap raise more funding through influencer marketing.

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Brand overview

Milaap is an online platform for crowdfunding that makes it incredibly simple for anyone in India to raise money for personal causes including healthcare, education, sports, and disaster relief. Milaap, a company founded in 2010 by a group of energetic and youthful entrepreneurs, has helped India become a leader in the growth of person-to-person giving.



Milaap covers the several difficulties associated with giving (such as difficulty in discovering the right causes, trust deficit, and overall donor apathy). They share the experiences of (pre-qualified) people and organizations with a network of their partners and trusted community members who either have expertise in administering and offering microloans to their local communities or who can connect with the cause to support it financially.

What they do? 

Objective of the campaign

  • The lives of those in the lower-income group can be significantly improved by dealing with that tiny quantity of capital.

  • especially those who are underserved or excluded from the official financial industry. Moreover, be aware that the purpose of every fundraising effort on the platform is to support medical expenses.

Strategies Followed

  • Target audience – use of influencers in categories involving women such as cooking, makeup, lifestyle, fashion and etc. also influencers in finance and investments

  • Higher reach – employ influencers with high followers and subscribers along with a higher engagement rate. 

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During the entire campaign, pickmyad recommended influencers from various geographic areas, such as Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi Base, in order to reach the relevant audience. Various types of influencers were crucial in helping Milaap contact various audiences and reach the critical mass necessary to boost donor confidence and raise campaign success rates.

Brands couldn't ask for better results than this 👇

The results were in stunning! 

Our most recent influencer marketing campaign for milaap was a great success,.  The collaboration has proven to be successful and the results were in flying colours! 


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