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Case Study 

Cloud kitchen with Traditional Clay Pots: Meen Satti's Successful Journey with Influencer Marketing

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Brand overview

Meen satti, A cloud kitchen that serves traditional and authentic fish delicacies with an order at your fingertip. Aravind Suresh and Richie Richard college friends who joined hands as business partners have created this cloud kitchen that emphasizes traditional cooking and makes our famous Tamil delicacy a world-known product. They have implemented the view of tradition and touched our roots right from packaging in a clay pot (satti) to the taste of Meen kuzhambu – their signature product.

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Client's Objective

  • Meen satti decided to join hands with pickmyad …. for influencer marketing, and gain more brand recognition along with their intention to increase their ROI.

  • Pickmyad assisted Meen satti throughout all their influencer marketing campaigns as well as provided them personalized recommendations from top experts, making it our most successful brand onboarded with us.

Strategies Followed

  • Target audience – use of influencers in categories such as Food blogging, cooking, and Lifestyle.

  • Higher reach – employ influencers with high followers and subscribers along with a higher engagement rate.

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Brands could not  ask for better results than this 👇

The results were in stunning! 

We are thrilled to report that our recent  campaign has been a tremendous success. We utilized a range of tactics to drive engagement and attract new customers, including influencer marketing. Through these efforts, we were able to significantly increase online presence, attract new followers, and ultimately drive sales. The collaboration has proven to be successful and results were in flying colours! 


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