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Case Study 

Leveling Up with Influencer Marketing: How LevelUp Learning Boosted Brand Awareness and ROI


Brand overview

LevelUp learning is an online learning platform where the greatest teachers in India may be found, where you can watch and learn from hundreds of video lessons.

Be it acting, comedy, singing, writing, cuisine, cricket, photography, or even the creation of original music. On your smartphone, PC, and Smart TV, you may access video classes at any time and from any location.


Client's Objective

  • In order to boost its brand recognition and ROI, LevelUp Learning made the decision to team up with pickmyad for influencer marketing.

  • Their key challenge is to reach their niche audience who have passion to learn film and movie tech. 

  • They want to handle multiple campaign executions in a series of time 

  • LevelUp Learning became our most successful company onboarded with Pickmyad after we helped them with all of their influencer marketing initiatives and gave them customized recommendations from leading authorities.

Key points about LevelUp Learning :

  • Learning at your own pace

  • Lessons are available at any device, location, and time.

  • Certified courses with lifetime access

Strategies Followed

  • Target audience – As their core audience is everyone who loves films and who have passion to know film tech. We approached Influencers who are film critics with high followers.                                

  • Higher reach – Employed influencers with high followers and subscribers along with a higher engagement rate.

Guess what! The results are stunning

The results were in Flying colours!

Interested students contacted them in record numbers, and we are happy to report that many of them have now signed up for classes. The collaboration has proven to be successful and results were in flying colours! 


Total No. of Impressions


Total No. of Influencers 


Total No. of engagement

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