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Local Meets Influential: How Jinglebid's Influencer Marketing Yielded 10+ Million Views and Boosted ROI

Case Study 

Brand overview

Jinglebid is a newly launched e-commerce app where people can buy products at the most affordable rate by comparing the best prices nearby. Yes, they promote local sellers and delivery is super quick. Starting with the hopes to create a decentralized marketplace, Jinglebid produces a situation that benefits both the buyer and the seller.

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Client's Objective

  • Jinglebid decided to join hands with PickMyAd for influencer marketing, and gain more brand recognition along with their intention to increase their ROI.

  • PickMyAd assisted Jinglebid with their monthly Influencer campaign which started around early months of 2022.

  • They are in need of expanding their product to many new cities and states with creative tech Influencers. 

  • Continuous monitoring and tracking influencer activity on YouTube

  • Throughout their influencer marketing campaign, we provided them personalized recommendations from top experts, making it one of the most successful brand onboarded with us.

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Strategies Followed

  • Use of shorts and reels: Usual customized integrated ad wasn’t gaining many views and getting downloads so we implemented the use of shorts and reels which gained them a great reach

  • Target audience – use of influencers in categories such as gadgets, tech, infotainment, and lifestyle.

Guess what! The results are stunning

The results were in Flying colours!

People were readily understanding the App concept and specifically the support feature it gives to local vendors around them. The collaboration has proven to be successful and results were in flying colours! 


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