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Case Study 

Empowering Learners: Discover the Power of Guvi's Learning Center

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Brand overview

GUVI is an IIT-M & IIM-A incubated Ed-tech company that focuses on providing personalized learning solutions for its learners right from online learning, upskilling & recruitment opportunities in world-class quality. And, bestow tech-skills with the comfort of your native language

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Client's Objective

  • Boost Course Enrollment: Guvi aims to encourage more people to join their online and offline courses. They want to attract learners from various backgrounds and skill levels to enroll in their educational programs.

  • Establish Brand Authority: Guvi wants to establish itself as a trusted and reputable brand in the Ed-tech industry

  • Increase Website Traffic: The primary objective for Guvi is to drive higher website traffic. This objective focuses on increasing the number of people who visit the website, explore its offerings, and engage with the content.

Strategies Followed

  • Guvi began by identifying influencers who had a strong presence in the educational and technology sectors. They looked for influencers with a substantial following, high engagement rates, and content aligned with their target audience's interests.

  • Guvi Education sought influencers who could authentically promote their courses and resonate with potential learners.

  • The company focused on building authentic and long-term partnerships with influencers. Guvi Education collaborated with influencers who shared their passion for education and believed in the value of online learning

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Brands couldn't ask for better results than this 👇

The results were amazing beyond belief!

Guvi Education successfully expanded its reach, built brand credibility, and attracted new users to its platform.

The collaboration has proven to be successful and the results were in flying colours!


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